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Mr. J. Killoh Tenant
Mr. William Brookes Tenant
Mr. Robert Porter Stuartfield
021 This name applies to number of houses, it also includes the Free church, and Free church Manse, situated at the north end of the village of Stuartfield. The property of Mr. Burnett England.
FLINT AXE FOUND HERE A.D. 1850 [Stonybrae] Stone axe found here A.D. 1850
Stone axe found here A.D. 1850
The Rev. [Reverend] Mr. Ranken Parsonage, Deer
Mr. R. Porter Mason Stuartfield
021 Mr. Ranken has this axe in his possession at present. "Mr. Ranken found it, - he thinks in the spring of 1850,- in the field now growing grass for Hay, (the South west field) at about the lowest spot in the field,- lowest in point of depression, but not at the very end of the field,- in a sort of half mossy, half decayed wood deposit, shewing that in former ages the little flat in which the rivulet runs must have been a wooded thicket - "Mr. Ranken says, "it is one of two, and the more perfect and shapely of them."
"London 25th June, 1869." Extract from Mr. Rankens letter describing the place where he found the axe.
FLINT ARROWHEAD FOUND HERE A.D. 1869 [Windhill] Flint Arrowhead found here A.D. 1869 Mr. J. Thomson Windhill 021 While Mr. Thomson was draining one of his fields adjoining his house he found a Flint Arrowhead which he has in his possession.

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