List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
SCHOOL [nr church, New Maud] School (Female)
School (Female)
Rev [Reverend] Mr Wallace New Deer
John Argo Auchreddie
021 A small thatched building adjoining Parish Church, used as a female school. It is supported only by fees.
INN [Earl of Aberdeen Arms, New Deer] Inn (Earl of Aberdeen Arms)
Inn (Earl of Aberdeen Arms)
William Wood Tenant
William Massie New Deer
021 A two storey stone slated building opposite Post office. The property of the Earl of Aberdeen.
INN [Commercial Inn, New Deer] Inn (Commercial)
Inn (Commercial)
Mr. Mitchell Tenant
William Massie New Deer
021 A thatched building in the village of New Deer, a little to the west of the Parish Church. The property of W.D Fordyce Esq. of Brucklay.

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21-5 -- Parish of New Deer Aberdeenshire

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