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GREENNESS Green-ness
Valuation Roll. 1869.70.
Mr James Norrie
Revr. [Reverend] H Mitchell. Manse.
019 This name applies to a somewhat extensive tract of elevated moorland, and cultivated ground including a goodly number of small crofts or farms, Extending from road 7 chains south of Hillhead (19.1, trace 1) southwards to long drain, 20 chains north of the farmsteading of "Ewebrae" (19.8 trace 6) and from the "Howe of Teuchar (20.5) westward to the farms of "Scotsbrae" and "Backhill" (19.4.) The property of The Trustees of Mrs Jane Cunninghame Grant Duff.
MEDDONS OF EWEBRAE Meddons of Ewebrae
Meddons of Ewebrae
Meddons of Ewebrae
Mr J. Bissett Ewebrae
Donald McGillvray, Backsmiddy
James Duff. Lower Brownhill
019 A small croft with houses thereon, situate about ¼ mile west of Ewebrae farmhouse. The property of The Trustees of the late Gordon William Duff of Hatton.
Valuation Roll. 1869.70
Mr J Bissett Tenant
James Duff.
019 A good farmhouse & offices, south side of Green-ness. The property of The Trustees of the late Gordon W. Duff.

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19.48 -- Parish of Montquhitter

[Note beside 'Greenness'] - Greeness to be adopted. [Initialled]

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