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Ranald McDonald Esq. Factor
Mr. G. Duncan, Land Steward
Estate Plan 1835
Valuation Roll for 1859 & 60
072 A farmsteading, dwelling house and offices, all of which are one story high, thatched, and in good repair, Property of J. Gordon Esq.
FEMALE SCHOOL [Rinnalloch] Female School
Female School
Female School
Ranald McDonald Esq.
Mr. G. Duncan
Mr. Arthur McAllan
072 A well built one story house, erected and is wholly supported by J. Gordon Esq.
Corrennie Forest
Corrennie Forest
Ranald McDonald Esq. Factor.
Mr. George Duncan. Land Steward,
Mr William [Dornie], Land Steward, Linton Ho. [House]
072 This name applies to a large tract of country, composed of both arable. hill. and moorland, It was formerly a commonty, but within the past few years has been divided amongst the circumjacent proprietors, the portions occurring in the parishes of Cluny and Midmar having been allotted to J. Gordon Esq.
Curwich Burn
Curwich Burn
Ranald McDonald Esq,
Mr. G. Duncan
Estate Plan, 1835,
072 A small stream. rising on the south side of Green Hill. After pursuing a course of about three miles in a South easterly direction. falls into Stony burn near Midmar Free Church,

This stream forms part of the boundary between the parishes of Kincardine O'Neil and Midmar. Also between Cluny Detd. [Detached] and Kincardine O'Neil.

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[Notes for Corrennie Forest]: In largest Stump as a District name
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