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029 ; 030 Three good substantial farmsteadings with gardens attached, situated near the north east of the parish the property of the Right Honourable the Earl of Aberdeen.
URN FOUND HERE A.D. 1828 [Gowanwell] Urn found here A.D. 1828
Urn found here A.D. 1828
Urn found here A.D. 1828
Mr. James Davidson Gowanwell
Mr. David Simson Middlethird
Mr. Thomas Beaton Smithyseat
029 In 1828 a small urn was found near the farm of Gowanwell which measured about eight inches in length and five in diameter slightly ornamented round the rim containing burnt bones
URN FOUND HERE A.D. 1863 [Smithyseat] Urn found here (AD 1863) Mr. T. Beaton, Smithyseat
Mr. Simpson Middlethird
029 While Mr. Beaton. Tenant of Smithyseat farm was reclaiming a piece of waste land here in 1863, the lock of the plough came against an Urn, containing burnt bones. It measured about 6 inches in diameter, and was about 16 inches in depth. It was not ornamented. Mr. Beaton reburied it.

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Co. [County] Aberdeen -- Parish of Methlic

[There is a sketch of the Urn found at Smithyseat 1863]

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