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METHLICK [parish] Parish of Methlick Mr. Grant, Banker, Methlick
Mr. Marshall, Farmer, Skilmanae
Mr. Black, Schoolmaster Cairnorrie
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Parish of Methlick
Continued -- Scotland has a very high altitude and the general appearance of the surface from the north running Southwards is undulating. The outline of the parish is of a triangular form, and is nearly all under cultivation.
"The name of this Parish is said to be derived from two Gaelic words which signify vale of honey. the oldest spellings are Methelak, Methlayky, Mythlik, Methlik. the parish was dedicated to Saint Devenick, who according to Dempster, flourished toward the end of the ninth century. It is situate wholly in the County of Aberdeen, the two thirds which lie on the north side of the Ythan being in the District of Buchan, and the remaining third on the south side of the River being in that of Formartine. A pendicle of Methlick, which lies to the extreme East, is disjoined altogether from the main part of the parish by a tongue of land belonging to Tarves. This pendicle is called Little Drumquhindle, or Inverebrie from its being situate
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Parish of Methlick

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