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MAR'S CAIRN Mar's Cairn
Mar's Cairn
Mar's Cairn
Mar's Cairn
Mar's Cairn
F. G. Fraser Esqr
Mr. McRobbie Roadside
Mr Turner
Estate Plan of Findrack
Revd [Reverend] Charles McCombie L.L.D. [Doctor of Law]
072 A man of the name of Mar, having died in the Braes of Tolmad, a few of the people of that district Collected together to bring the Corpse to the place of interment. The weather being very stormy, and there not being a sufficient number of them to bring the Corpse to its final resting place, they became so exhausted when they arrived at this place now marked by a Cairn that they were forced to leave the Corpse until more assistance Could be got, which was not until next day. after this event the people of this District bound themselves to attend every funeral in their district under a penalty of five shillings.
The Cairn itself is a small oval heap of heath grown stones, & the foregoing description relates to an event that took place about a Century ago.

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