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NEWTON OF CAMPHILL Newton of Camphill
Newton of Camphill
Newton of Camphill
Newton of Camphill
A. F. Gordon Esqr. Factor
Mr. Alexander Innes L.S. [Land Steward] Craigevar
Mr. William Johnston Mains of Camphill
Revd. [Reverend] Charles McCombie L.L.D. [Doctor of Law]
071 Four Crofthouses each one Storey high thatched and in tolerable repair adjacent to one another the property of Sir W. Forbes Bart. [Baronet] Craigievar
Mill Maud
Mill Maud
Mill Maud
Hill of Milmahd
A. F. Gordon Esqr.
Mr. Alexander Innes
Mr. W. Johnston
Robert Smith Esqr Glenmillan
Revd. [Reverend] Charles McCombie L.L.D. [Doctor of Law]
New Statistical Account written by Revd. [Reverend] C. McCombie
Old Statistical Account
Fullarton's Gazetteer
071 This is a prominent Heathy pasture hill the north Side is partly planted. it is the highest in the Parish except two others, the property of Fancis Farquharson Esqr. Finzean.
CAMP (Remains of) [Mill Maud] 071 At the east base of this hill is the remains of what is said to be once a Camp and alluded to as such in the Statistical account of the Parish, it is about 320 yards long about 20 feet of a base and about 3 feet high and Sloping on both Sides from the top to the bottom not at present unlike a dilapidated old sod fence going around the base of the hill, it is said that it is from this object the names Camphill etc in the neighbourhood takes their names. on the property of F. Farquharson Esqr.

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County of Aberdeen Parish of Lumphanan

The name Mill Maud is anglicized, and in that locality the hill is not Known by any other name. It is never called Hill of Mill Maud or Mill Maud Hill

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