List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
LOWER TYAKESNOOK Lower Tayacksnook
Lower Tyacksnook
Lower Tyexnook
Lower Tykesnook
Lower Tykesnook
Lower Tyacksnook
Valuation Roll 1869.70
Rent Receipt
Mr. Lawrence Tenant,
Mr. George Lawrence Courthill
Mr. A Findlay. Tillykeira
Mr. George Robertson. Schoolmaster. Lonmay
G.R. Shaw Esqr. Gror. [Grocer] Graigellie
008 A farmsteading on the estate of Craigellie. The property of William Shand Esqr. Craigellie
The name "Tykesnook" i.e. Dogs corner is said to have been derived from the fact of the tenant of this farm having had (at a former period) to feed the hunting dogs of Craigellie' Mr. Robertson states that "Tayacksnook" is the mode of spelling on most of the parochial documents.
FIDDLER'S GREEN Fiddler's Green
Fiddler's Green
Fiddler's Green
Alexander Morris, Tenant
John Morris Tenant
John Barclay Mosstown
008 This name is applied to three small crofts; the centre one called Moss Croft. Situated on west side of Mosstown farm, The property of James W. Gordon Esqr. Cairness
Moss Croft
Moss Croft
John Morris
John Barclay
Valuation Roll 1869.70
008 A small croft on Fiddler's Green. The property of James W Gordon Esqr. Cairness

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8.7 Aberdeenshire -- Ph. [Parish] of Lonmay

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