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SLEEK OF TARTY Sleek of Tarty
Sleek of Tarty
Sleek of Tarty
Mr. Robert Moir Meikle Tarty
Mr. James Harvey Mains of Tarty
Mr. Alexander Davie Logie
048 Applies to a large bay in the River Ythan extending from The Snub to the mouth of the Tarty Burn, at low water it is a vast expanse of sand & mud
Inch Geck
Inch Geck
Statistical Account of Parish of Logie Buchan
Mr. Alexander Davie Logie
Mr. Robert Moir Meikle Tarty
048 Applies to a small island in the River Ythan about three acres in extent, and situated about a mile and a half from the sea.

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Parish of Logie Buchan

[Note relating to 'Sleek of Tarty'] - Sleek. A measure of fruits, roots &c. Containing
forty pounds. Perhaps originally a measure of liquids.
Sleek. Mire; Slime. Sleek. snow and rain mixed: sleet (JAmieson)

[Note relating to 'Inch Geck'] Geck. Gerk. A sign of derision. To gie one the geck, to give him
the slip; generally including the idea of exposing him to derision
Inch, Inche. An Island (JAmieson)

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