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LOGIE BUCHAN Parish of Logie Buchan
Parish of Logie Buchan
Parish of Logie Buchan
Parish of Logie Buchan
Parish of Logie-buchan
Revd. [Reverend] James Rust Logie Buchan
Mr. Donaldson, Cornhill
Mr. George Clark, Girnel
Collections of the Shires
New Stat. [Statistical] Account - 1842
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It appears from Robertsons Index of scarce charters, that the Buchans of Auchmacoy were proprietors of that Estate so far back as the year 1318, holding it of the Earl of Buchan until the forfeiture of the too powerful Cummings in the reign of King Robert Bruce. In 1503 James 4th gave Andrew Buchan of Auchmacoy, a new charter, and erected his lands into a free barony, which has been inherited by his lineal male descendants ever since. There is a field of excellent clay, of considerable extent and depth on the farm of Westfield of Auchmacoy, upon which, in the year 1834, Mr. Brown the tenant, erected a brick work. The church of Logie Buchan is situated fifteen miles north of Aberdeen, the nearest market town. The nearest post town is Ellon which lies two miles west. Considering the great length of the parish the church is as conveniently situated as it could be. It was built in 1787 to hold 400 persons, and is in good repair. The manse was built in 1775.
As to fuel the mosses in this parish are almost exhausted, but a considerable quantity of peat and turf are brought from other parishes. Coals imported at Newburgh are the principal fuel. The extent of the Glebe, as laid down in the plan of Tarty, before mentioned is 5 acres, 2 roods, 33 falls including the toft besides the usual privileges, "Extracts from the Statistical Account of Scotland, 1843".
Fullertons Gazetteer in speaking of Logie Buchan says, the River Ythan, here navigable at full tide for small sloops, crosses it from West to East, dividing it into nearly equal portions. Precipices of gneiss rock flank the stream at the part where it enters the parish and give a very distinct echo to short sentences in a calm evening. The Boat of Logie is a well known tune having reference to this parish but the still better known song of "Logie o'Buchan" refers to a gardener about the middle of last century at Logie in the parish of Crimond. Logie Buchan is traversed by the road from Peterhead to Aberdeen - the parish is in the Presbytery of Ellon and Synod of Aberdeen. There is no portion of this parish detached nor portion, or portions of any other parish enclosed within the boundary of this parish.
[Signed] R. Dickson Sapper R.E. [Royal Engineers]

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Parish of Logie Buchan

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