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HOWE OF CUSHNIE Howe of Cushnie
Howe of Cushnie
Howe of Cushnie
Revd. [Reverend] H. Lumsden Cushnie House
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Taylor , Minister of Leochel and Cushnie
Mr. R. Ferris. Ground officer, Milton of Cushnie
062 This name applies to the hollow in which are situate Cushnie House, and the Milton of Cushnie. It is bounded on the east by Kirk Hill; on the west by the farms of Balnakelly; on the north by the farms of Balchimmy; and on the south by an eminence between the farm of Calfward and the Kirkton of Cushnie. Chiefly on the property of Revd. [Reverend] H. Lumsden.

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Aberdeenshire -- Ph. [Parish] of Leochel & Cushnie

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