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Deer's Den
(Remains of)

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Sheets 64 & 65

This Camp is situated immediately to the west of the Village of Kintore,
and supplies the missing link between the two Roman Camps of Peterculter
(or Normandykes) on the River Dee, and of Raedykes at Glenmailen on the
River Ythan, both of which have been known to Antiquaries for years. This
one however has never been traced out previously, although tradition had pointed
to this District for some time as having contained a Roman Camp. The fact
that a small Roman fort existed at Pitcaple on the River Ury (a little further
north,) may have been the reason why no regular search was made for an
intrenchment which could hold the same army numerically as either of the 2 above-mentioned
Camps which lie to the South and North of it, respectively. After a
little trouble and after visits to the ground at all seasons of the year, I am
satisfied that all that can now been traced has been identified of this very interesting object. When
I first saw it in Novr [November] 1867, some * 200 yards of its west face (situate on the moor ground) were in existence
showing the profile of the vallium & ditch, though of course of much smaller dimensions than those it
originally possessed. From thence southwards the swell of the ground plainly showed the remainder
of the west face to the South-west angle, which is very plain indeed. Thence (going East) about [Continued on page 2]

*Note - This was being levelled by cultivation in a subsequent visit I paid it. [initialed] E.H.C.

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