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Revd. [Reverend] J Christie
Mr. P Hosie occupier
A Leith Esqr. Glen Kindy proprietor.
051 A small hill farm with a few acres of arable land attached near to the western boundary of the Parish.
Braid Bog
Braid Bog
Mr. Peter Hosie
Mr. John Blackhall Culsh
Mr. A Cow Blackbaulk
051 A large marsh a short distance north of the farm of Coulburn.

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Parish of Kildrummy

[Note relating to 'Coulburn'] - Coul. A night cap; in some places Coulie. apparently
from E. [English]. Cowl, a hood worn by monks.
Coulie. A term applied to a man in the language of contempt. (Jamieson)

[Note relating to 'Braid Bog'] - Braid. Twist or plaiting.
Braid The cry of a child when newly born.
To Braid up the burde; marked as used by James I,
Perhaps to put up the leaves of the table. (Jamieson by Dr. [Doctor] Longmuir.)
Braid = Broad - in very common use.
[Initialled] JMcD

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