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SCAD HILL Skaw't Hill
Skaw't Hill
Skaw't Hill
Skaw'd Hill
Skaw't Hill
Rev. [Reverend] William Ronald.
Mr. William Gauld Harystone
Mr. William Suter. Bogmore
Rev. [Reverend] William Ronald.
Rev. [Reverend] John Christie The Manse Kildrummy.
051 A very Conspicuous Eminence, known by this name, from its bare and scabbed appearance, and on the Summit of which is a shepherds Cairn
Greymare Stone
Greymare Stone
Graymare Stone
Grey Mare.
Mr. Robert Suter. Bogmore
Mr. William Gauld.
Mr. John Law. Lumsden.
Mr. Alexander Dow. Pitenteach
Rev. [Reverend] John Christie
051 A large white or grey stone known by this name from its singular appearance at a distance
The Slogs
The Slogs
Hangman's Grains
The Sluggs or Hangitman's Grains
Mr. Robert Suter
Mr. William Gauld
Mr. John Law
Mr. William Gauld
Rev. [Reverend] John Christie
051 This name is applied to two Small Streams or Grains, which flows into the Burn of Corchinnan and is sometimes called the Hangman's Grains but The Slogs is the name generally applied

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Parish of Kildrummy

[Note relating to 'Scad Hill']
To scad. To scald. To
heat by fire, without allowing
the liquid absolutely
to boil.
Scaddaw. A shaddow.
Scaff. Food of Any kind.
To Scaff. To spunge: to
collect by dishonourable means.
Scad. A scald; a burn caused by hot liquor. Scat; loss; damage; for skaith.
SKate, a Contemptuous designation. To Scat. To scat and
lot, to pay shares in
proportion; to pay scot
and lot. [taxes or duties]

Scad = Scaw'd = Scabbed
i.e. broken on the surface.
[Initialled] JMcD
description exactly suits the

[Note relating to 'The Slogs'] - Slogg. A Slough. Slogger. one who is Slovenly and dirty, particularly in the under garments.
Sloggy, Slimy; marshy. (Jamieson)

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