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KILDRUMMY CASTLE (In Ruins) Kildrummy Castle (Ruins of)
Kildrummy Castle (Ruins of)
Kildrummy Castle (Ruins of)
Kildrummy Castle (Ruins of)
Statistical Account 1843
Collections of the Shires Aberdeen & Banff 1843
L. Duncan's Plan & Pamphlet.
Revd. [Reverend] John Christie. The Manse.
061 "The Castle among the objects of antiquity claims the first regard, Tradition bears, that it originally consisted but of one great tower, of five stories or floors, distinguished by the appellation of the Snow Tower, in the western corner of the present fabric, which was afterwards carried round a pretty spacious court, forming an unequal pentagon, in which six other towers, differing in magnitude and form, rose for the protection of intervening buildings, which appear to have been but two stories in height" vide Statistical Account 1843 Page 977
"Kildrummy Castle, the ancient seat of the Earl of Mar, is a short mile from the church, the ruins of which show it to have been a most stupendous and magnificent fabric. It is said to have consisted of seven towers, the lowest of which, on the west side, called the Snow Tower, is yet (partly) standing, and is mad up of seven stories of vaults, one above another, about twenty feet high each. The top vault, which is covered with grass has a breach towards the north-east, commonly called The Devil's Gap, concerning which there are sundry fabulous traditions, needless to mention. In the bottom of the tower there was a draw well," (now filled up) "where they drew water to the top, through a round hole for that purpose in the middle of every vault. There is another draw well in the close. There is a passage under ground, vaulted above, and causewayed below, for some hundred of paces, opening to a rivulet upon the north side, so high that two men on horseback could ride abrest for watering, in case of a siege
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