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William Benton, Tenant
James Benton, Airlie
Robert Philip. Gateside
063 An elegant and substantial farm house with outhouses, gardens &c attached, The grounds are are farmed by Mr Benton of Harthill, and the houses used as Cotter houses for his Servants,
HEUGHHEAD [1895] Mr James Macdonald, The Farm Huntly. N.B. [North Britain] 063 For 1" purposes only. See Remarks in Index. 1895
BENTS BURN Burn of Bents
Burn of Bents
Burn of Bents
Bents Burn
William Benton, Harthill
Alexander Bruce, Braehead
John Milne, Burnside of Whitehouse
Inverness Division documents.
063 A sluggish Stream formed by the junction of two streams a little to the Southwest of the farm of Burnside of Whitehouse and after flowing northward, for a distance of about one mile and a quarter empties itself into the Don, a few yards northwest of the farm of Haughhead

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Parish of Keig

NB "Bents Burn" adopted for uniformity [Initialled] EHC. Capt. R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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