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G. Mitchell. Esqr Tenant
Mr J. Rait. Overseer. Castle Forbes
Mr G. Hall, Quarrie Howe
053 A fine substantial dwelling house with offices and garden attached, property of Col. [Colonel] Leith Hay of Leithhall.
Cothiemuir Hill
Cothiemuir Hill
Mr J. Rait
Mr G. Mitchell
Mr A. Soames Bridge of Keig
053 A small isolated hill situated about half a mile N.W. [North West] of Castle Forbes. planted with Fir. There is a fine Druidical Circle on the Summit.
STONE CIRCLE (Remains of) [Cothiemuir Hill] Stone Circle
Stone Circle
Stone Circle
Mr J. Rait
Mr A. Soames
Mr J. McDonald Game-Keeper
053 "This circle stands in a wood on the Cothiemuir Hill, within the grounds, and about half a mile north of Castle Forbes, Seems originnally to have consisted of eleven upright stones, mostly about Seven feet high, and except two on the South Side placed 15 feet apart, forming a circle of 25 yards in diameter. The two towards the south are somewhat pyramidal. Of these upright Stones the two principle ones last mentioned and three of the others, remain Standing. two are lying on the ground, and the other four are broken." Extract from statistical account of Aberdeenshire. date 1843. page 943

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Parish of Keig

[Note beside 'Auchnagathle'] - "Ach. - A field a Plan &c.
Geatha. - A Pole." (Gaelic)

[Note beside 'Cothiemuir Hill'] - "Cothie - Warm snug &c. (Jamieson)

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