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George Lumsden Esqr. occupier
Mr. Gray Farm of Easter Aquhorthies
James Gordon Esqr. Manar House
Gazetteer of Scotland 1851
Valuation roll 1859-60
054 A plain Substantial building of two storys with offices and garden attached, Situated a half a mile west of Manar House, property of Col. [Colonel] Charles Leslie K.H. [Knight Hanover] of Fetternear.
Aquhorthies For 1" [1 inch] purposes only. See Remark on Index 1895 Mr. James Macdonald, The Farm Huntly N.B. [North Britain]

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Parish of Inverury

In the south western part of the parish, on the northern
bank of the Don, stands the building, occupied from 1799 till 1829, as the Roman
Catholic college of Aquhorties, in which 27 young gentlemen were educated according
to the doctrines of their church; the building is handsome, and beautifully
Situated; but the College has been removed to Blairs in the County of Kincardine.
Extract from Gazetteer of Scotland dated 1851

"Ach - A mound or bank," prond. [pronounced] Uchq. [Uchquorthies]
Achadh - A field or plain."
Cuairtich, from Cuairt - A circle" - (Gaelic)
Literally the field of Circles.
This prefix is generally written "Auch" throughout Scotland, and the same
name, applied in a case similar to the above, is written "Auchorthies" on
the Plans of Banchory Devenick Ph. [Parish] Kincardineshire.
[Black ink]

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