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JENKINS'S HOLE Jenkins' Hole
Jenkins' Hole
Jenkins' Hole
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Davidson
Dr.[Doctor] Leslie.
Mr. William Taylor.
054 A deep pool in the River Ury in which; in ancient times, culprits considered deserving of death were drowned. The exact position of the veritable "Hole" is doubtful, but all who know that such a place exists agree in placing it about where it is shewn on the plan. The following extract from the old manuscript record of the Church, in possession of the Rev. [Reverend] Mr. Davidson proves the existance and antiquity of the name.
"Alexander Fergus alias Walace in Inverurie [attache] be ye shreff of theft putt to ane assyss was convickt be ye assisse and drouned in [Urie in] ye pot callit Ginkin Holl till he was deid.
Buriet in ye Kirkyard of Inverury. 4 [August] 1629."

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The writing near the inner margin of this page is blurred, so that several of the words are indecipherable or missing.

In the context of the extract the word atta[...], which disappears in the gutter, has been transcribed as atta[che]. The definition can be found in the Dictionary of the Scots Language, "Attache" meaning to arrest.

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