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PADAFF POT Padaff Pot Mr. Johnston Auchmill
Mr. James King - Mill of Kinnoir
Mr. William Grant - Croft of Robieston
026 This name applies to a deep pool or pot - formed by the Weir which stretches across the Deveron 18 chains south of the Mill of Kinnoir. It is well known by that name, and is said to have been the scene of many a wild orgie, when witches held their sway in the north. The meaning of the word "Padaff" is "go away".. There - it is said the Mistress of The ceremonies initiated The Women - who were to become the future rulers of Witchdom - and the novices at the height of their enjoyment wd. [would] fain have overstepped the time of leaving This Haunt - which was said to be about cock crow - and the Mistress voice is said to have been heard often screaming - Padaff! Padaff! -

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County of Aberdeen -- Parish of Huntly

[Note relating to 'Padaff Pot'] - I wd. [would] spell Po'daff
Poll dudh or Poll-damh.

[Signed] George Hobson C.A. [Civilian Assistant]

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