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AVOCHIE CASTLE (Remains of) Avochie Castle (Ruins of) Mr. Johnston - Auchmill
Mr. James Fraser - Hillhead
Dr. [Doctor] Cruickshank - Avochie House
017 All that remains of this very old structure is two gables of no great height, and from their appearance the building seems to have possessed no architectural beauty.
It has scarcely a claim to the title of "Castle" as it was only a small quadrangular building of scarcely two stories. The Masonry that remains although rough, is very strong. The Wall - an ordinary thickness.
It is supposed to have been built early in the 16th centuary - and was inhabited as late as 1745 - being then in ruins.
The two Gables serve for walls to an outhouse - which is built between them. It is on the estate of Avochie - and was at one time used as the residence of
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