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ALLT DEGLAVEN Burn of Aultdeglaven
Burn of Aultdeglaven
Burn of Aultdeglaven
Estate map of property A.D. 1823
Mr Alexander Walker, Gardner Castle Newe
Mr J.E. Douglas, Buchaam
060 Issues from Springs about 18 chains E [East] of Ben Newe where the upper portion is conducted to the Mains of Glenbucket (chiefly under ground), the lower portion runs Eastward for about 25 Chains and enters the river Don one chain above a foot Bridge called Danenford Bridge. It is said that the Burn formed the parish Boundary from a Well at the Source to the River from 1643 to 1728. only about a chain of it now forms the Boundary at its discharge in the River Don The name is derived from the word 'Clamhan' a vulture of the Kite etc. etc.
TOM A' CHAISTEIL Tomachaistal
Mr J. Farquharson Donenford
Mr J. Smith Mains of Glenbucket
Mr J.E. Douglas Buchaam
060 a well known Hillock, under plantation Situated about 10. Chains S. [South] of the Mains of Glenbucket and a few Chains N.W. [North West] of Donenford footbridge This being the more ancient name known for the Hillock. It is also known by two other names viz Gallows Hill & Woody Hillock Tradition has it that Criminals after having been tried and Condemned at the Castle of Glenbucket were brought to this Knoll for execution Tradition does not seem to make out whither a Castle or a Watch Tower was upon the top, The ground being in Cultivation around this Conspicuous Knoll So that there is no vestige of a moat or a Fort to be seen if ever there has been any.

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Parishes of Strathdon & Glenbucket etc.

Chaisteil A castle A fort, a tower, etc etc,

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