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ROCH FORD Rough Ford
Rough Ford
Rough Ford
Rough Ford
Roch Ford
Estate Plan
Mr Donald McNicol Gamekeeper
Mr William Clark Gamekeeper
Mr William Beattie Uppertown
Cabrach Parish Documents
050 An ordinary ford across the Burn of Garbet on the road leading from Glenbucket to the Cabrach etc. - the roughness of the place gives rise to the name.
BURN OF HILLOCKS Burn of Hillocks
Burn of Hillocks
Burn of Hillocks
Mr Donald McNicol
Mr William Clark.
Mr William Beattie
050 A small stream known by this name. from a number of hillocks adjoining. from its Source till its confluence with the Burn of Garbet
WIFE'S CAIRN Wife's Cairn
Wife's Cairn
Wife's Cairn
Mr William Clark
Mr William Beattie
Mr Adam Hay, Uppertown
050 A Small cairn of Stones, near the Burn of Garbet. Collected to commemorate the event of a woman being found dead here, who. having lost her way, or missed the road, whilst crossing the hills was found dead here about 20 years ago.

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Parish of Glenbucket

[Note beside 'Roch Ford'] - Is not Rough Ford the correct name?
what is the meaning of Roch?

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