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Clochdhu Hill
Clochdhu Hill
Mr Donald McNicol Gamekeeper
Mr William Clark Gamekeeper
Mr James Beattie Nethertown
Estate Plan
Mr John Begg. Badenyon
050 A conspicuous eminence, known by this name, but sometimes called Clashdhuie. but, as the name applies to the Summit, which is dotted over with rocks. boulders, and cropping stones, &c the name "Clochdhuie," would Seem to be the correct one.
Altsowen Hill
Altsowen Hill
Mr Donald McNicol
Mr William Clark
Mr John Begg
Estate Plan
050 A Conspicuous eminence So Called from the adjacent Burn of this name.
ALLT SÙGHAIN Altsowen Burn
Altsowen Burn
Altsowen Burn
Mr Donald McNicol
Mr William Clark
Mr John Begg.
050 A Small Stream known by this name. flowing in a westerly direction from its source till it joins the Clashwalloch Burn

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[Note beside "Clachdubh Hill"]
should be written in Correct Gaelic
Clach, Cloiche Cloich, A stone; A certain; A certain weight. Clach stone,
Dubh. Duibhe. adj. [adjective] Black, dark; sad, mournful.

[Note beside "Allt Sùghain Hill"]
Allt A mountain stream
Sowen. The paste employed by weavers for stiffening their yarn in working
The name Allt-sowen is altogether Gaelic There is no part of it Broad Scotch.

[Note beside "Allt Sùghain"]
Sowens Porridge. Pottage made of cold sowens, by mixing meal with them while on the fire (Jamieson)
Sowen A mispelling of Sughan or Subhan
subhan Juice sap, Thin sowens
sughan Thin sowen. - It may be the plural of Sugh a berry i.e. Allt Sughain The stream of the berries

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