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Leadensider Burn
Leadensider Burn
Mr Donald McNicol Gamekeeper,
Mr William Clark Gamekeeper,
Mr John Begg. Badenyon.
050 A considerable Stream known by this name, and formed by the junction of several other streams. flowing in Southeast direction, and augmented in its course by the Clashwalloch Burn etc. before its confluence with the Water of Bucket
MUAT'S STONE Muat's Stone
Muat's Stone
Mowat's Stone
Mouat's Stone
Mr Donald McNicol
Mr William Clark.
Mr John Begg.
Mr James Beattie Nethertown
050 Tradition says that many years ago. (the date not locally known) Two proprietors or Lairds having a dispute. and determined to decide or revenge it by strength of arms. and consequently having their forces or clans drawn up here for the contest. but found to be so unequal in numbers. it was decided to Settle the matter by a duel or hand to hand contest with the Lairds only. Muat's adversary availing himself of a slight advantage run his oponant through the body with his Sword. which consequently ended the contest in his favour This rough undressed stone marks the place where Muat. fell.

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Parish of Glenbucket

[Note beside 'Leadensider Burn'] Lead from Leathad - pronounced lle-udd A slope, a declivity, a half-ridge etc.
Leadensider appears to be the name of a hillside or declivity - where is it?
Leathad nan Saighdear The Soldiers' Declivity

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