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FRASERBURGH (Continued) out on a symmetrical plan. The cross, errected by Sir Alexander Fraser, was
a fine structure, of a hexagonal figure, with three equidistant hexagonal abutments, a ground area of about 500 feet, and a surmounting stone pillar 12 feet high, bearing the British arms and the arms of Fraser; but it has been greatly curtailed and altered.
The places of Worship and the parochial schoolhouse are creditable structures. The town house is a handsome building erected in 1855, with a dome. "Fraserburgh," said the New Statistical Account in 1840, "is one of the old burghs of regality, having its government vested in Lord Saltoun, the Superior, two bailies, a dean of guild, a Treasurer, and a Council.
His lordship has the right and authority of provost, with power to nominate and appoint yearly the new magistrates and council, with the advice and consent of the old, By the Charter, the feuars and incorporated Brethern of the guild have liberty to exercise all kinds of trade and merchandise. Those who are not freemen, may be debarred this privelege: but for a long period this exclusion has not been insisted on. The feuars are obliged to uphold the public works of the town, but for doing so the market customs were granted them. and in lieu of some privileges which they possessed over commonable land, they have obtained others from Lord Saltoun, which now rent at [£3.8.0] sterling per annum. These funds have been hitherto applied to repairing the Streets and opening new ones, but chiefly to bringing water into the town for domestic use, of which the inhabitants stood in great need, and of which there is now an ample supply: Sheriff small debt courts are held four times a year. Fraserburgh is in a thriving condition at once , as a centre of the herring fishery. a seaport and as a seat of considerable provincial trade

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