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LIGHTHOUSE [Kinnairdshead Castle] Kinnairdshead Castle Collections of the Shires P. [Page] 432
Pratt's Buchan
Records of Fraserburgh
003 "A few yards west of the Wine Tower stands the Castle of Kinnairds - head built about the year 1600 in the form of a parallelogram, thirty-nine feet by twenty-seven, still entire and strong, and lately repaired. Being on an eminence, and four stories high it commands an extensive prospect." Collections of the Shires p [page 432]
"The Castle of Kinnairds Head is is built in the form of a parallelogram thirty-nine feet by twenty-seven.
The tower which is the only remaining portion of the castle is now converted into a lighthouse. It is built on an eminence and has four stories besides the lantern chamber added for the reception of the lighthouse appuratus. It was let on lease in 1787 to the Northern Lighthouse Company, and fitted up by them for that purpose. The Castle commands an extensive view. Looking westward the eye traverses the whole expanse of the Moray Firth, resting on the far off hills of Caithness which at the distance of sixty miles melt into the soft haze of the dipping clouds.
Pratt's Buchan
The lantern of the lighthouse stands one hundred and twenty feet above high water mark. It was fitted up with a fixed dioptrick light: which is seen at sea at a distance of 15 nautical miles. At first the reflectors were composed of "facets of silvered glass" one point only being brought into the curve of the parabola. In 1820 copper reflectors silvered and formed to the parabolic curve were substituted. These remained till the 15th September 1851 when the Caladioptrick light was first used. This is said to be five times stronger than the light from the reflectors, and that the light reflected from the parabolic reflectors is about three hundred and fifty times as intense as an unassisted light: The one lamp by which the light is now produced, has four wicks, consumes as much oil as eighteen argand lamps and requires for its support from seven hundred and eighty to eight hundred gallons annually:

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