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Site of HOSPITAL OR MONKSHOUSE [Newburgh] Site of Hospital or Monkshome Revd [Reverend] W.S. Watt
Mrs Gordon
Mr William Christie
048 "There was once an Hospital founded here by Sir Alexander
Cumming, Second Earl of Buchan, and Son to the founder of Deer Abbey. Justiciary of Scotland under Alexander the Third, and one of the Six Regents on his death.

1 Here is still an Hospital for three
poor men, funded by the first Alexander
Forbes of Foveran" (New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account] P. Page 698)

2 "There is one monument of piety within
this parish, that is an alms house at the
Kirk, with an inscription on a marble
Stone on the corner of the house and another
inscription above the gate of the Almshouse.
(Col. on the S. of Aber [Collections on the Shires of Aberdeen] & Banff P.[Page] 370)

1. 2. There is no Hospital of the kind nor almshouse. I could get no information about them and if ever these existed, it must have been a remote period. B. Render
Corpl. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers] 31/8/65

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Foveran Parish


"The tiends of this parish belonged to th Abbaey of Deer, gifted by the ancient
Earls of Buchan, of the name of Cumming founders of that Monastery, the Monks
whereof had a house and Small parcel of ground in the Newburgh for a residence
or resting place to them, Called Monks home, now turned to an Inn, honoured
once by a Lodger of Sublime Character The Pretender." (Col on S. of Aber & Banff P. 371.) [Collections on the Shires of Aberdeen & Banff, P. [Page] 371]

"Newburgh in Buchan was an Hospital founded in the reign of King Alexander III."
(who reigned from 1249 to 1292) "by Alexander Earl of Buchan Justice General
of Scotland, These Hospitals were erected either for receiving of Strangers
or for maintaining poor and infirm people and were governed by a
Superior, who was called Magister." (Spottiswoode's Relig [Religious] Houses P. [Page] 477)

"William Cumming Earl of Buchan gave to the Abbacy of Deer (which he
founded.) a great many lands in those parts. (Ibid P. [Page] 423)

There are several patches of ground which were Called Monksholm in and
around Newburgh which are supposed to be part of the land gifted to the Abbey
of Deer. Mrs Gordon of Newburgh (now upwards of 85 years of Age) states that,
She was born in the Old Inn above mentioned, and that in her young days it was
called "Monkshome", and was supposed to be on the Site of the Hospital. There is no
Inn there now the Building has been repaired and is now a common dwelling.
[signed] (B. Render Corp. R.E. [Corporal Royal Engineers] 31/8/65

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