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Ruins of ST MEDDAN'S CHURCH (Supposed) Church (Ruins of)
Church (Ruins of)
Church (Ruins of)
Mr. William Warrack, Factor Fintray
Mr. David Milne, Teacher Fintray
Mr. John Cumming, Merchant Fintray
065 This church is situated in the centre of a small graveyard on the north bank of the river Don a short distance west of Cothal Mills. The space inclosed by the walls, which are still standing and kept in good repair, is the burying ground of the Craigievar family. The date of its erection is not known but it must have been previous to 1633, as a silver cup in possession of the present minister seems to indicate. It bears the following inscription and date, "Holie Communion, Fintray, 1633. Revd. [Reverend] Adam Barclay, Minister". There is a tradition in the district that the metal of which this cup is composed was originally in the form of a *skull which was believed to possess the power of averting impending storms, and was for that purpose carried aloft through the district by the priests of the time.
"The minister has in his possession a silver cup belonging to the parish, bearing date 1632, which, tradition says, was formed from a *Silver head of St. Meddan, the tutelar saint of the parish, which in the days of Popish Superstition was wont to be carried through the parish in procession, for the purpose of bringing down rain, or clearing up the weather, as circumstances might require." Collections on the Shires of Aberdeen & Banff P. [Page] 245. New Stat [Statistical] Account Page 168.
* Note. There can be no doubt about the above being the ruins of a Church, and the possession of the silver relic coupled with the tradition regarding it, above-mentioned, lead to a very strong supposition that this Church was dedicated to St. Meddan. All the early Churches were dedicated, and it is more than probable that the "Silver Head of St. Meddan" would be kept in "St. Meddan's" Church. [Signed] E.H. Courtney Capt.R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]
MANSE (Site of) [Nr St Medden's Church] Manse (Site of)
Manse (Site of)
Manse (Site of)
Mr. William Warrack
Mr. David Milne
Mr. John Cumming
065 No vestige of this building now remains. It was demolished a number of years ago and a portion of the material used in the erection of Oldmanse. Its site now forms a portion of the garden of this place.

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