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Supposed MOTE HILL [Hatton of Fintray] (Supposed) Mote Hill 065 A small eminence Situated about 1/4 of a mile north east of Hatton of Fintray. Though not very regular in form, this Knoll seems to be artificial. It is not probable from its position and general appearance, that it is a natural feature. The tradition of the district points out this, as a place whereon beacon fires were lighted in olden times, to warn the people of invasion, or approaching danger. An extensive range of Country to the north, and west, can be seen from the summit of this knoll, and it is very probable that this is the origin of the above tradition. Its general appearance and location leads strongly to the supposition that it is one of those artificial erections known to antiquaries as "Mote Hills", and I consider it may be safely written on Plan as "Supposed Mote Hill". [Signed] E.H. Courtney Capt.R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers]

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Parish of Fintray

[Note relating to 'Mote Hill (Supposed)" - "Mote - A little hill, or barrow, or rising ground, a knoll, applied to a little hill,
because, anciently conventions were held on eminences." (Jamieson)

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