List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
North Arthrath
North Arthrath
George Bodie, Nether Arthrath
James Barr, Nether Arthrath
William Cantly Upper Arthrath
030 A small farm house with outhouses Garden &c, attached, the property of Henry Udny Esq. of Udny
Nether Arthrath
Nether Arthrath
George Bodie Tenant
James Barr. Tenant
William Cantly. Upper Arthrath.
030 Two Small farm houses with offices garden &c attached to each, they are the property of Henry Udny Esq. of Udny.

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Parish of Ellon

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lesser orders from Cardinal Casonis, having declined the three greater. After this he had a pension from the Pope, with the honorary title of Abbot, and he was alive there in 1725, being then about eighty two years old. We have a fragment of the bishop's (published by Le Quien), written against M. Courayer's Defence of the Validity of the English Ordinations, which tends to give one but a low opinion either of his humility, Charity, or politeness," - Account of Scottish Bishop M.S. [Manuscript] in the library at Slains Castle, written about the year 1730. Pratts Buchan. Page 502.

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