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HOUSEDALE A.D. 1705 (Remains of) Housedale (Remains of)
Housedale (Remains of)
Housedale (Remains of)
Mr. R May. Landsteward.
Mr. W Henry. Architect
Mr. Malcolm P [Parish] Schoolmaster
073 Previous to AD 1818 this was the Mansion Ho. [House] of Echt Barony, the main body of it is now gone to make room for the Gardens, and its present remains are the Wings: the northern & smaller one being occupied by Lord Lindsay's Gardener, the Southern & larger one being occupied by several of Lord Lindsay's Servants, both are plain buildings and were erected in AD 1705.
This Mansion succeeded the Ancient one upon the site of which the farmsteading of Old Echt was built.

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Aberdeenshire -- Parish of Echt

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