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SCULPTURED STONE (Removed from Bakebare) [Hawk Hillock] Sculptured Stone

Carved Stone
Rev. [Reverend] Adam Corbet D.D. [Doctor of Divinity]
Mr G. Gammie
Mr H. Grant
New Statistical Account
085 "The Stone now erected on a knoll within the policies of Park House, on the river Dee, was originally placed on the west end of the "Keith's Moor", in the parish of Drumoak, not far from the spot where, it is said, that in times of baronial jurisdiction, the gallows stood. It was squared for being put into a wall, and thus partially destroyed, but was rescued in time to preserve the principal figures which had been cut on it. The parish of Drumoak, or, more properly, Dalmaoak, was dedicated to St. Magota virgin. Many tumuli still exist in different parts of the parish; and arrow heads are occasionally picked up."
Sculptured Stones of Scotland
shown a little west of the Hawk Hillock

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Drumoak Parish Aberdeenshire

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