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A.D. 1157
084 ; 085 ; 094 The parish of Drumoak is in the Presbytery of Aberdeen, Synod of Aberdeen, Patron, Irvine of Drum. It is bounded on the south by the parishes of Durris and Maryculter; on the west by the parish of Banchory Ternan in the County of Kincardine; on the North, by the parish of Echt; and on the north east and east, by the parish of Peterculter; in the county of Aberdeen. The parish of Drumoak is partly in the County of Aberdeen and partly in the County of Kincardine.
The portion in the county of Kincardine contains about 2121 statue [statute] acres and it is situated in the north west of the parish; the remainder of the parish which is in the county of Aberdeen contains about 5280 statute acres, in which is situated the parish church.
There are no detached portions of the parish of Drumoak nor are there any detached portions of any other parish situated within it.
The soil is various, but mostly of an inferior quality. That which lies along the river side is light and sandy, recumbent on gravel, and consequently dry an early. In other places, it is thin and moorish, and frequently rests on till, or an equally hard and retentive moorland. Some spots, however, which have long been under cultivation, are loamy, and, when properly treated, carry abundant crops.

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Counties of Aberdeen and Kincardine Parish of Drumoak

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