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BATTLE HILL Battle Hill Mr McDonald; Upper Piriesmill
Mr McDonald, Junr [Junior]; Bleachfield Mills
Statistical Account.
026 A wooded eminence rising over the south east side of the town of Huntly. The origin of this name is supposed to have been from a skirmish which took place between the Gordons and Comyns (about the fourteenth Centuary) either on the hill or between it & Huntly Castle. There is no record of this battle in history and it is not unlikely that it may have had its origin from the Battle of Slioch which was fought within ½ a mile of it.
"There is another hill in the parish, and not far from Huntly, denominated the Battle Hill, that deserves notice as the scene of a conflict said to have taken place at a later period between the Cummins & Gordons. Hardly anything connected with it has been handed down beyond the name."
New Stat Acct. [Statistical Account] p [page] 302.

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