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CHURCH [Kirktown] Established Church
Established Church
Established Church
The Revd. [Reverend] Mr Rainy
James Knight Lessendrum
Mr Gray Waterton
026 A small church, not in very good repair, Situated near the north end of the Parish, Erected in 1773, received some improvements in 1829. Sittings 550, Glebe 10 acres, Stipend £150.0.0. There is a Grave-yard lying south, and south west of the Church, in which there are a few very nice marble, and other, grave stones, but the oldest Stones are of sandstone, and are so much worn that they cannot be read. The oldest, legible, date is 1692.
HABBIE'S HOWE Habbie's Howe John Wilson Brideswell
Alexander Forbes Kirktown
Mr Gray, Watertown
John Rainy Manse of Drumblade.
026 This name applies to a slight hollow, situated on the north side of the farm of Kirktown and well known by that name:- the origin of which is not known

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County of Aberdeen -- Parish of Drumblade

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