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017 ; 025 ; 026 ; 034 ; 035 The parish of Drumblade is in the presbytery of Turriff and Synod of Aberdeen and in the Western Division of the County. It is bounded on the North & East by the parish of Forgue, on the south by the parish of Gartly in Banffshire (Detached), and the parish of Insch, and on the west by the parish of Huntly.
The parish contains about 9332 Statute acres. There are no detached portions of the parish of Drumblade nor are there any detached portions of any other parish situated within it.
"The surface is composed of small hills and valleys. The soil of the latter is deep loam; and that of the higher ground is thin and gravelly, but fertile. Some of the hills are covered with firs, but most are arable. -. There is abundance of a very fine yellow-brown clay, called clay-marl, and used as a manure; very little sand appears in the district. The district possesses large quantities of coarse limestone, freestone - here called paisy-whin - and moorstone, with some slate." Fullarton's Gazetteer.
There is no village in the parish.

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