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Alexander Mutch Tenant
William Anderson Oldtown
John Cantly Peelharry.
031 A Substantial farm house with offices, garden &c attached, the property of William Yeats Esq. of Auquharney. There is a story told showing how this place received its name. It is said that some considerable time ago, that the Earl of Errol and the laird of Kinmundy were at feud, and that the laird of Kinmundy one night made a raid upon and set fire to part of Lord Errol's property. On this account the Earl challenged the laird, and the meeting was to take place, where the farm house now stands. The Earl was first on the ground and took a seat on a large stone to wait the arrival of his antagonist and the laird on his arrival seeing Lord Errol seated remarked "I see you have gotten a seat my lord"! and after this the stone was called the Earl's Seat; from which the farm name is corrupted. It is said in conclusion that things were amicably settled without resorting to weapons and the two parted on good terms
William Anderson Tenant.
James Cantley Peelharry
Alexander Mutch Earlseat
031 A Substantial farm house, with offices garden &c attached, the property of William Yeats Esq. of Auquharney.

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