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Sites of CAIRNS [Moreseat] Sites of Cairn's
Sites of Cairn's
Sites of Cairn's
Mr. J. Johnstone Moreseat
Mr. J. Johnstone Junior Moreseat
031 Mr. James Johnston says that he removed three large Cairns from the sites marked on trace they were about 30 feet across, and each contained 5 or six very large stones there was nothing found inside of them with the exception of blackish Earth.
STONE AXE FOUND HERE A.D. 1866 [Moreseat] Stone axe found here A.D. 1866 Mr. J. Johnstone Moreseat
Mr. J. Johnstone Junior Moreseat
031 While the men were employed reclaiming this land, one of them found a very good specimen of the stone axe.
GREEN SAND STONE FOUND HERE Green sand stone found here 031 Extract from the history of "Buchan" by the Rev [Reverend] John B. Pratt M.A. [Master of Arts] pp. [pages] 329-330
During the digging of a mill-course, and excavating a pit for a water-wheel, on the estate of Moorseat, a clayey layer was met with a few feet below the surface, in which were imbedded rather angular fragments of a light sandstone, containing numerous specimens of organics, which, so far as their state of preservation would permit to be identified, appear to belong to the oolitic group. These fragments of Sandstone were of various sizes, rarely larger than six inches in diameter, mostly angular, apparently
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