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Corse House
Corse House
J. O. Forbes Esqr.
Revd. Dr [Reverend Doctor] Alexander Taylor, Leochel
Mr Copland, Altdargue
071 A handsome, recently built mansionhouse, two storeys high, with garden, and pleasure grounds attached. the latter in an unfinished state. the whole the property of J. O Forbes Esqr of Corse
Corse Castle
Corse Castle
J. O Forbes, Esqr. Corse
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Alexander Taylor Leochel
Mr Copland. Altdargue
071 Now a ruin, but kept in good order by the present proprietor. It was built in 1581, by William Forbes, in order that he might resist with more success, the frequent raids of the Cateran.
It is also said, that, he remarked when about to build the Castle, it would be of such a nature that when any of the above mentioned visitors, made their calls, they would have to "chap" before they got in.

Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Taylor says "Built in 1581 by William Forbes 4th Laird of that name. His Wife was Elizabeth Strachan of the family of Thornton in the Mearns. Their initials, with the date are on the Door Lintel: They were the parents of Patrick Forbes, Bishop of Aberdeen. 1618 to 1635"
GILES' WELL (Chalybeate) Giles' Well
Giles' Well
Giles' Well
J. O. Forbes Esqr
Revd Dr [Reverend Doctor] Alexander Taylor, Leochel
Mr Copland, Altdargue
071 A strongly impregnated Chalybeate spring, of small capacity, deriving its name from a Mr Giles, who discovered it, while engaged laying out the grounds about Corse House.
The Laird says "This is a good name, it was first discovered by Mr Giles"

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