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Blackhills Burn
Blackhills Burn
James O Forbes Esqr. Corse House
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Taylor Leochel Cushnie Manse
Mr. Harry Shaw Bogfern Leochel Cushnie
071 This is the continuation of the Corse Burn and forms the Parish Boundary between this Tarland and Leochel Cushnie Parishes. it collects on the west side of the latter Ph. [Parish] and flows South-east till it leaves the Ph. [Parish] of Tarland when it changes its name to Corse Burn
LAIRD'S HIDING HOLE Laird's Hiding-hole
Laird's Hiding-hole
Laird's Hiding-hole
Stat [Statistical] Account of Leochel Cushnie
Revd. [Reverend] Alexander Taylor D.D. [Doctor of Divinity]
Mr. Copeland Altdargue
071 A small leave now nearly filled up with rubbish; tradition points to this place as the hiding-hole of one of the former Lairds of Corse Estate.
The Old Stat [Statistical] Account of Leochel Cushnie says "On the face of the Hill of Corse, nearly opposite to the Castle, there is still to be seen a small excavation known as the Laird's hiding hole or Chaumer, and said to be the place where Dr. [Doctor] Forbes of Corse frequently concealed himself during the troublesome times of the Covenanters.

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