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FLINT ARROWHEADS FOUND HEREABOUTS [Tofthills] Arrow heads found hereabouts
Arrow heads found hereabouts
Arrow heads found hereabouts
Mr Reid, Farmer, Tofthills.
Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Minto, Clatt.
Mr Booth, Hillhead
043 Mr Reid of Tofthills, has at various times discovered over this part of his ground flint Arrow heads; some of which can be seen at Tofthills, they appear to have been burned, & are shaped something similar to a heart.
Fairy Hillock
Fairy Hillock
Mr Reid, Farmer, Tofthills
Revd. [Reverend] Mr Minto, Clatt.
Mr Booth, Hillhead.
043 A very small knoll close to the farm of Tofthills. When walking alongside of it, a peculiar ringing sound is heard.

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