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Parish of Clatt
Parish of Clatt
Parish of Clatt
Revd [Reverend] Mr Minto, Clatt
Mr Gordon, Gordonstown
Mr Reid, Tofthills
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commenced, and at this festival their Bipeds, as they called them, or Human Sacrifices were offered to their God Thautes." Maitland's History of Scotland.
"As they held that the life of man, either in danger of death by war, or severe sickness, could not be secured, unless another suffered in his stead; therefore, on such, and on many other occasions, the Bipeds' or Human Sacrifices were offered, which they thought would be highly acceptable to Theautes, for this end their selected victims, were murderers, thieves, robbers and other malefactors, but for want of those; innocent victims composed the oblation. After an oration to Hesus, they formed a man of wicker twigs wove in the manner of a basket, which they filled with their victims and after a solemn hymn, it was set on fire, and thus, the objects ended their life in the devouring element." "Voltaire's Philosophy of History."
The only antiquities of any note on White Hill are the Remains of

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Parish of Clatt

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