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SCULPTURED STONE [Percylieu] Standing Stone (Sculptured)
Standing Stone (Sculptured)
Standing Stone (Sculptured)
Revd [Reverend] John Minto Schoolmaster
Mr Green farmer Persylieu
Mr MacPherson Roadside
043 This Stone which is now used as a door step to a barn on the farm of Persylieu is said to have been found in a group of Tumuli a short distance South west of said farm. There is an arched figure somewhat resembling a horseshoe cut on it There is said to have been the figure of a fish surmounting the arch at one time, but that has been removed probably while cutting the stone for its present use, there are however still left two small figures which might be taken for the belly fins of a fish.

This stone, "having a horse-shoe figure incised on it's surface, was dug up from a depth of about 6 feet in the vicinity of a number of Cairns, which seem to have abounded in the neighbourhood, & to have been connected with a remarkable Circle of Stones viz. a paved Road. It has been used for building purposes, & in this way the fish which surmounted the arch has been mostly destroyed".
Sculptural Stones of Scotland Spalding Club Edition 1856, Page 5.

[Signed] EH. Courtney Capt. RE. [Captain. Royal Engineers]

This stone is now at Cransmill Rhynie.

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[A small illustration of the Sculptured Stone is included on this page.
It is described as 3 feet high and 16 inches wide.]

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