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Waird Well
Waird Well
Mr W. Weir. Hillhead
Mr Alexander Rennie, Brooms.
Mr George Melville, Sauchenloan.
045 A fine spring well, situated a little south of Lethenty Castle.
Mr George Melville, Tenant.
Mr W. Weir.
Valuation Roll 1859-60
045 A fine farmsteading, situated about half a mile north east of Lethenty Castle. the property of Capt. [Captain] W.A. Skene

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Parish of Chapel of Garioch

"Enclosed park"
Waird A sentence: An Award.
Waird Waird-pin. The pin used for fastening a mortised joint.
Waird-houss. A prison; now called the Tolbooth. (Jamieson)

Netherton In page 80

Sauch,Saugh, The willow, Sauchen. Belonging to or made of willow.
To Sauchen. To make supple or pliable. Rox. It is perhaps, originally the same word with that which signifies to soften, to mitigate, used in reference to material subjects.
Loan, lone, Loaning. An opening between fields of corn for driving cattle homewards, or milking Cows, a narrow enclosed way, In some towns it is used to denote a narrow Street, a break or interval between the fields, a clear place. An Area. (Jamieson)

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