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Black Craig
Black Craig
Mr. John Milne, Gamekeeper Glentanner.
Mr. Robert Davidson Glentanner.
Mr. A. Ritchie Glentanner.
093 A large hill feature.
Oldroy Burn
Oldroy Burn
Mr. John Milne, Gamekeeper Glentanner,
Mr. Robert Davidson Glentanner,
Mr. A. Ritchie Glentanner
093 A Small Stream rises about half a mile West of Duchery Beg, and flows into the Water of Tanner near Oldroy.
DAVIDSON'S STRIPE Davidson's Stripe
Davidson's Stripe
Davidson's Stripe
Mr. R. Milne Meresman for Aboyne & Glen. [Glentanner].
Mr. A. Ogg, Meresman for Birse
Mr. John Milne, Gamekeeper, Glenr. [Glentanner]
093 A Streamlet rising near the Black Moss and flowing due east for a short distance joins the Auld-dinnie Burn. The whole of its course forms the boundary between Aboyne & Glentanner & Birse Phs. [Parishes]

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"Strip - A long narrow Plantation"
"Strip., Strype, Streape - A small hill or Stream"
"Strypie - A very small hill" (Jamieson)
"Strip. (Ang. Sax.) [Anglo Saxon] narrow shred, long, waste," etc.
"Stripe - Applied to anything long and narrow" - (Hyde Clarke's English language etc.)

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