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MILL OF MENIE Mill of Menie
Mill of Menie
Mill of Menie
Mill of Menie
Mr. Thomas Brown, Occupier
Mr. Hector Allen Hatterseat
Valuation Roll
Revd [Reverend] William Thomson (Manse Belhelvie)
057 An ordinary farm house with offices yard etc. attached. So called from formerly being a meal Mill the property of the Heirs of General George Turner of Menie
Menie Links
Menie Links
Menie Links
Mr William Shepherd Fisherman
Mr George Tough Fisherman
Mr George Grieg Fisherman
Revd [Reverend] William Thomson.
057 A portion of rough ground adjoining the coast consisting of rough pasture. whins. Sand & benty hillocks
Sandend Burn
Sandend Burn
Sandend Burn
Mr Hector Allen
Mr Thomas Brown
Mr James Thompson
Revd [Reverend] William Thomson
057 A small burn formed by drains etc. near the Turnpike Road at Delfrigs and falling into the Sea in Foveran Parish a little to the north of the junction of that Parish with Belhelvie Parish.

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