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Site of CARNAVERON (Site of) Carnaveron
(Site of) Carnaveron
(Site of) Carnaveron
(Site of) Carnaveron
"Carnaveran" the Cairn of Sorrow
Revd [Reverend] Mr McConnach
Dr [Doctor] Garden
Mr Minto
Mr Leanard
New Statistical Account
062 All that remains of this cairn are a few loose stones on its site; nearly the whole of it was taken away for the purposes of building fences etc. At the time of its removal there were found in it stone Coffins, an Urn, pieces of Charcoal and Ashes. In the Coffins and Urn were ashes and pieces of bones. The following is an extract from the New Statistical Account of the County:- "A cairn of stones, in the form of a truncated cone, 120 feet in diameter and about 25 feet high, having been partly levelled, there were discovered under it several chests formed of flat stones, in which were found ashes and pieces of charcoal, and in one a rude urn of baked earth in which also were found ashes and pieces of bones. The Cairn is on the Summit of a hill named Carnaveron, " the Cairn of Sorrow." The contents and the name of this monument thus both unite to show that it was erected to the memory of the dead, and from the former we may infer that it was the practice of the inhabitants at the time to burn their dead."

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