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STONE CIRCLE (Remains of) [Cairnballoch] Stone Circle (Remains of) R. Mitchell
Mr. Farquharson.
Dr. [Doctor] Garden.
Rev. [Reverend] McConnach
062 This is supposed to be the remains of a Druidical place of worship. It consists of five upright stones unhewn. It is situated on the eastern part of Stone Hill in a fir wood.
CAIRNBALLOCH Cairnballoch Old Statistical Account.
Val. [Valuation] Roll 1859-60
Mr Farquharson Prr [Proprietor]
Dr [Doctor] Garden
Revd [Reverend] McConnach
Mr. James Leslie, overseer Cairnballoch Alford.
062 A one storey slated dwelling house with thatched office houses. The dwelling house is in good condition, but the office houses are in a very bad state of repair. Property of Mr. Farquharson.
MORES Mores Mr Farquharson Prr [Proprietor]
Dr. [Doctor] Garden
Rev. [Reverend] McConnach
Mr Davie, tenant, Alford.
Rail receipt, 1863.
062 A one storey croft house, with dwelling and office houses under the same roof, all thatched and in middling condition. Property of Mr. Farquharson.

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Aberdeen Shire Ph. [Parish] of Alford

Cairnballoch. It is stated in the New Statistical Account that a large
Cairn stood at Cairnballoch. But the examiner states
in answer to remarks, that he has made enquiries respecting
it and that the Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Gillan informed him that no one in the country
could shew where it stood previous to its removal for building purposes.

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